How men use the condom?

How men use the condom??

Condoms are the very cheapest contraceptive think which is used during sex. Condoms provide good sexual feelings both of involving partners with full safety. Many dangerous disease are happen during unsafe sexual activity so condoms are providing good protection in sexual activity. Condoms are providing more exiting sexual feeling and also increasing sex timing for male user. There are many advantages of condoms so we can use the condom in multipurpose such as vagina sex, anal sex, and foreplay. Women are shay so they cannot express own sexual feeling and they cannot discuss her partner to use some extra object and thing to make exiting intercross so the all responsibility are going on men candidate. In India men are completely responsible for erotic sex so men can used some object during sexual activity like some sex toys are Metal dildo sex toy,anal dildo sex toy,lesbian sex toys,strap on dildo sex toys,massager sex toys, etc.

The condom is mostly used by men in India for large amounts. Condoms are designed by men in such a manner to easy use. Some people hesitate to do sex for the first time but using a condom they can be enjoying sexual activity without any problem. If any people face an early discharging problem they can use a condom and increasing own sex duration. If a male partner cannot satisfy the female partner then the male partner can use a condom and give her full enjoyable sex for a long time. Men also used condom with fleshlight sex toy for masturbation.

Some steps to use a condom -

First you can Purchase condoms online market and check expiration date of the condom then open it and hold in own hand.

Fix the end of the condom and put upon the penis be careful because if any air entered into condom it will be break when ejaculation.

Now with help of hands pull the skin of penis and attach the condom over the penis.

While wearing the condom it is important that for men it has touch the base of the penis.

Now you can do the sex without any problem but throw condoms in dustbin/ garbage after using. Do not flush in the toilet otherwise it can be damaged toilet's pipes.

How female use the condom?

How female use the condom?

We know there are men condoms are avaible in the online market same as female condoms are also avaible in online market. Female condoms are very special in design because they insert into vagina. Female condoms are also avaible in different flavors and sizes so according to our choice we can order condoms. Females are used condom with female masturbator sex toys easily. Some pleasure toy also use by females with condoms.

Condom wearing sex is the safest and secure sex for partners. Using condoms females are easily get to masturbation and sexual pleasure with proper safety. Female condoms has one closer end that goes into vagina and second end handing outside the vagina. Female condom also known as internal condom. Females also used a condom with dildos and homemade dildos for good sexual pleasure.

Type of condoms

Type of condoms

In India , many type of condoms are avaible easily. we can buy condom online market as well as offline medical store in all over India. There are almost type of condoms are avaible for reasonable prices in India. Condoms are good objects for providing the good sexual feeling as well as a secure physical relationship for men and women as well as gays and lesbians also. According to choice we can order condom for sexual relationship. Condoms also avaible in different sizes and thinness.

According to materials type of condoms are -

Made in latex-

Most male condoms are made of latex. Latex condoms are stretched up to 700-800 %. Users can not be using lube with a latex condom because it can break this.

Made in polyurethane -

Female condoms and non- latex condoms are made of polyurethane . Polyurethane condoms are not so sensitive to temperature and it can be used with any lubricants.

According to size type of condoms are -

According to size, many types of condoms are available in the market like S, L, M, LL they are small, medium, large and extra-large. Men according to their own penis size order suitable condoms easily and during sex, you should be wearing correct size condom otherwise you face any problem.

According to thinness of condom are -

Various type of condom is available in the market. Different types of condoms have different thinness so according to own need and knowledge, we can select a condom. There are some type of thinness condoms are 0.01 , 0.03 , 0.09 etc.

Some tips for using the condom

Some tips for using the condom

We know the use of condoms but sometimes after using condoms some problems we can face so the use of condoms is very carefully. Some most thinks are in mind when using the condom that first checks the expiration date on it and in one sexual activity used one condom piece and another sexual activity used another condom piece.