What are condoms?

What are condoms?

If we want to define the condom. Condom is thin and small pouch which is manufactured from Latex and plastic. Condom covers your penis during sex.

Condom is a very simple but inventive invention. It has brought changes in many lives. 15 billion condoms are used every year in the world. Although this is not 100% perfect, it prevents many diseases and unnecessary pregnancy. This is a safe way of sex without pregnancy.

Its kind, price, and features

Its kind, price, and features


These are the most common condoms. Which meet almost everywhere. They are made from rubber. Today many types of condoms have started coming in different ways. Such as flavored, dotted or xl large The most important thing of latex condoms is that it is about 90% safe. Apart from this, they also have elasticity, which is why they are most beneficial.

Non latex

These condoms are for people who are allergic to latex or rubber. This type of condom is made of rubber as soon as a substance. In the non-latex condom, everything is similar to latex condoms, but this kind of condom does not have rubber-like elasticity. The condom comes in two sizes and it is much thinner than the rubber condom.

Unique condom

These condoms are latex condoms, but they contain a special kind of material that makes light mild hot feelings during the sax. From this condom, both men and women enjoy a unique pleasure during the sax. This is the condom which does not reduce the fun of the sax.

Shine condom

These condoms are for those who want some excitement and fun in Sachs. The condom is similar to the usual latex condom. There are also types of ultra-thin, flavored, dotted, but what makes these condoms the most special is that it shines in the darkness.

Aromatic condom

These colorful condoms with bananas or strawberries, look amazing in both taste and color. It is also made in many fruit flavors, such as grapes, oranges, bananas, strawberries, and even chocolate, vanilla, and cola. These condoms are widely used for oral sex.


long and rotating during sex, these condoms are used to increase friction. Rated High For – Fun and erection.

NaturaLamb Trojan

Its powder-fresh scent is made from natural animal membrane. This latex free condom is so thin and flexible that it looks like a second skin. Rated high for – naturalness and low rated for Security. If men use condoms, then the price of 10 condoms is anywhere from 50 to 100. At the same time, 3 condoms of women come to Rs. 150 in India.

This is a safe way of sex without pregnancy. Just come to use it correctly. There is no chance of being pregnant with condom. The results have been told that this is some 2 to 3 percent. This is also when it is not used properly. There may be a lot of reasons for the rupture of the condom, such that the condom is very old, not of the smooth substances, not keeping well, keeping it in very hot-using lubricant such as oil, Vaseline etc, the speed of sex For this, you should use High Strength Condom. Reading Kondam's Short In this case, you should use large size condoms. What is the chances of having a pregnancy on the condom break?

It depends on women's period days. Often women have the chance to be the most pregnant in the 11th and 15th days of their circle. After this there are 72 hours after women. They can stop unnecessary pregnancy by taking medicines. This medicine is found in any drug shop. Pregnant women should use it carefully. Especially those who have a disease rate Doing this will reduce the chances of infection. This allows you and your partner to be comfortable.

Easy use of condoms

Easy use of condoms

By the way, it is written on the condom's foil. Carefully read these commands and use it. Here are some things to do

- Remove the condom from the pack and try that it does not look nails.

You do not blow it in. Pressing out of it, get out of the air. When your body is ready, put it on your body. Make sure it is well-felt. Get help from your partner in this. You can also ask them to massage.

After using it, throw it, wrap it in a tissue or paper. If you want sex again, on the same day, you can use it. If the condom breaks down in the middle, then try to meet your doctor and check that there is no infection.

How to store condoms

How to store condoms

Very often it happens that we take the packets and keep it in our purse but the purse is not the right place to keep it because when we sit, it is under pressure, which reduces its quality and time When we come, we cannot use it. That's why we should also keep in mind that we always keep this in the right place. Many times it happens that for the first time people bring bad condoms from the market, which makes their partner allergic, always keep in mind that detention is good for the company. Do not mess in haste.

How to purchase condoms, where is the best to buy?

How to purchase condoms, where is the best to buy?

Buying condoms can be mental retardation and inconvenient work. Feeling nervous about your purchase is completely normal. With luck, there are many options for buying condoms. You can find ways that are convenient for you. Prove yourself that you are being sexually responsible and practicing safe sex. Buying a condom is a responsible and normal job.

You might find that everyone is staring at you and the cashier is judging you. In reality, people are not paying too much attention to you. You are not the first person who has ever come to buy condoms in the store. Take condoms like any other personal care items like toothpaste, shampoo or deodorant.

Changing your mindset will help reduce your nervousness. Go to the corridor instantly during your shopping, take the thing you are looking for and keep shopping on. When you are buying condoms, look calm and confident. You will not want to attract extra attention to people by showing your nervousness. There are many such websites that will allow you to order condoms and send them to your home. Normally the condoms are delivered in plain and careful packaging. These usually require payment by credit or debit card. Besides condoms, you can also purchase vibrators and dildo. For details on how to buy, this article is helpful.