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We advocate for power to be held accountable. Everywhere.

Corruption is widely understood as a root cause of many of the biggest challenges facing the world today.

Transparency International is a diverse movement with one global voice. Together, we strive towards a world where the power to make decisions affecting people’s lives is held to account and serves the common good.

To achieve this, we address loopholes in legislation and regulation, push the powerful to act with integrity and seek redress for those who are robbed of a chance to live in an equitable and just society.

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Delia Ferreira Rubio at Davos 2020

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We use evidence to push for anti-corruption measures that work

The problems we tackle are complex and deep-seated. The evidence base generated by our in-depth research, and the local knowledge of our network of national chapters, helps us understand how the rules, practices and behaviours of a range of actors need to change. We advocate and campaign to ensure transparency and accountability in all decision-making in practice, leaving no space for abuse.

Our efforts to explore the root causes of corruption over the past two decades have resulted in impactful social accountability tools and systemic national reforms spearheaded by our national chapters.

Maira Martini, Research & Policy Expert at the Asia Pacific Regional Meeting 2019 (Photo: Jen Pollakusky / Transparency International)

We push for global solutions

Corruption is not a problem contained within any country’s borders. At the core of the abuse of power lie systemic flaws that are further exacerbated by the transnational nature of corruption.

Our global agenda focuses on issues that cut across sectors and borders, and require addressing through a combination of legislation, enforcement and justice mechanisms. Global efforts in these areas are also critical to enable change on the ground.


Our International Secretariat leads on and coordinates our global advocacy efforts.


Our office in the European Union champions anti-corruption advocacy towards EU institutions.

Washington, D.C.

Our office in the United States works towards ending the country’s role in facilitating transnational corruption.

We are strategic in our approaches

Holding powerful actors to account, and driving change at scale, often means working with a wide variety of approaches. From partnering with investigative journalists, working with local communities, national and international civil society, and addressing global bodies like the United Nations, World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

In working towards robust global solutions, we leverage international norms and institutions. This includes drawing on global and regional legal frameworks, such as the United Nations Convention Against Corruption and the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development Anti-Bribery Convention, as well as inter-governmental organisations

Taking a dual approach of working at the national and global levels helps deliver real change – change that has a direct and positive effect on the lives of people everywhere.

Photo by Mattias Nutt - World Economic Forum / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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