What is anal douches and enema?

What is anal douches and enema?

We have not been told much about Anal Douches and Enema but as we have heard from many people about it. Anal douching is a process through which anal is cleaned before sex or masturbation. In this process, we can use the enema and clean the anal with the good stuff. Anal douching is a normal thing, but for this, we can also use any instruments. In anal douching men, women, gays, and lesbians can all do it because it is a process, there is no harm. Anal douching is a physical cleaning that must be done otherwise it can be harmful to our body and can cause illness. Many people do anal douching in the wrong way, which they have to compensate by getting the illness. So that before anal douching you should have good knowledge about it.

Some people use some salt and liquid for anal douching without the uses of those salt and liquid, it can be a wrong way. There are many objects which are used in anal douching is easily available in the market. To clear the anal, we can prepare many liquids at home or can also buy from the market. After anal douching, we can use some sex toy for sexual pleasure like butt plugs, anal sex toys and gay sex toys,etc. Anal sex is very pleasurable and enjoyable sex same as vagina sex. Using write type of liquid to clean out anal. we can also use water mixture for anal douching.

Enema is the best way to safely clean for anal douching because it can be used with nozzle and the volume of that nozzle is small so that there is no damage by a larger amount of enema. And do not use olive oil, alcohol and bleach power or anything else that is under your kitchen.

How to use anal douches and enema?

How to use anal douches and enema?

It is very simple to use anal douching liquid and enema in anal but properly otherwise, you can cause illness and physical problems. First, you teach how to use any liquid form reagents then after that, you can use those liquids without any problems.

There are some process and method for anal douching/ butt cleaning -

First off all you can choose the right equipment for cleaning your butt otherwise there is some damage inside your anal by unsuitable equipments so please be careful about it.

Anal douche bulb -

Anal douche bulb made by a smooth rubber that is compressible easily and it has a nozzle of this bulb. You can fill this bulb with any homemade saline and also use any lubricants in it for safe insertion.

Shower shot -

You can attach a hose on your shower to clean your butt. You can use hot water and increasing water pressure and be careful. Shower shot is an easy process for anal douching.

Enema -

Enema is the best saline for anal douching and it cannot cause any damage. It can be used with a slight nozzle and the volume is small so there no excess for saline inside anal. It is a fully safe saline. You can also use after anal douching bullet vibrator for more enjoyments.

Why it is necessary before anal sex or anal masturbate?

Why it is necessary before anal sex or anal masturbate?

Anal douching is a very necessary process before anal sex and anal masturbate because if do not clean your anal before anal sexual activity then creates some problem in anal sexual activity so you should clean it. Some problems are very big and that is converted into any type of internal disease.

You should one thing is always in your mind anal douching is the only process for cleaning butt. So you cannot use any harmful saline for anal cleaning. You can use any water saline with proper knowledge of suitable equipment in butt cleaning. You can use varies process for anal douching above mention and find out the best suitable method for you. According to us, shower short and anal bulb less comfortable against enema saline for cleaning butt.

Precautions while using the douches and enema

Precautions while using the douches and enema

We are all most knew about anal douching and what is enema and who it is used. In India, anal sex also became very famous for any gender so you should get most knowledge about it as well as that's precautions should have. If you do not have any precaution while using the douches and enema saline then you come into problems. Some Precautions are-

While using anal douches and enema you should close your shower first then putting yourself in right position. Insert nozzle very carefully and slowly.

You should stay in the bathroom with a saddle and keep it firmly in the bathroom and do not try to hit the jump or else you can fall.

Do not many douches because it can be harmful to you and your partner also. You should do anal douching with the right equipment, right water saline and the right temperature for the safe clean butt.

Do not use laxatives because after that you suffering from loose motion other then you can use any agents.

Do not evolve anal sex just after anal douching and enema used. Give some time to yourself before sex. You can take time for about an hour. You can use condom and lubricants in anal sex if you want.