The Canadian Council for International Co-operation commends former CIDA for making the top ten in the Aid Transparency Index

Ottawa, October 28, 2013.

On the first day of Global Transparency Week, the Aid Transparency Index was published, with Canada climbing to the 8th position out of 67 donor countries and organizations. The index, put out by Publish What You Fund – an independent advocacy group focusing on promoting greater aid transparency of major donors –recognizes that Canada is delivering on its commitments to more transparent development assistance.

“The former Canadian International Development Agency, and Minister Paradis, should be congratulated for making significant progress in just two years after signing on to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (1), and for delivering on its commitments in the implementation schedule. Since last year, Canada has leapfrogged more than twenty places in the ranking of the global aid transparency index”, highlighted Julia Sanchez, President-CEO of the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC).

CCIC is the national network of Canadian Civil Society organizations working in international development and has been an active supporter of the IATI process at the international level; transparency is an important issue both for CCIC and for its member organizations.

“We are also encouraged by the former CIDA’s plans to now make this data more user-friendly and accessible to Canadians”, added Ms Sanchez.

The first ever Global Transparency Week is taking place at a time when public interest in government and corporate transparency is higher than ever. Global Transparency Week started with the publication of the Aid Transparency Index in Washington on October 24, and will conclude with the Open Government Partnership summit in London from October 31 to November 1 (2).

CCIC is hopeful that the good performance of the former CIDA will serve as a catalyst to transition the rest of government – starting with other components of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development – towards IATI compliance.

“Development staff should now build on this experience and the leadership role they have played to help transition the rest of government towards IATI compliance” said Ms Sanchez. “Finance Canada is the second largest allocator of Canadian aid and the government should now consider how it can build on the momentum started by CIDA. This is in keeping with the government’s whole of government approach, its focus on policy coherence, and its commitment to the Open Government Initiative,” she concluded.

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